Picking Sensible Advice In Mixed Martial Arts

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I'm 34 years old. I thought after your 20s its virtually down hill. You metabolism decreases, hair gets thinner, endurance slows down. When I turned 30 I thought this is virtually my peak, my last hooray at being the best I really could be athletically. I started power lifting and taking protein shakes. I looked at football players and thought that they seemed like these were in the best shape, the greatest athlete, After all who wouldn't believe watching the games even on television they appear invincible and are hit with incredible force and the strength displayed is daunting to express the least when thinking of myself on that field although I'm fit I'm also fast so use your imagination were that ever to happen!

Couple of years ago I stumbled upon MMA. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts was a "sport" I'd no prior experience of any type in. I had not done any kind of combat sport before. I never wrestled, boxed, or did any karate. I have been a player, am a player, an author, a father, a provider. I merely had never had a lot of a need or desire for almost any combat sports. I usually watched wrestling, enjoyed boxing, and then UFC and eventually MMA since it gained popularity with lots of admiration for the fighters and their discipline to have in form and fight inside their respective "strengths" and "sports ".

Maybe you have watched MMA on TV? If you have or something similar like I'd done before heading into my high grade, I'd all of the preconceived notions that it is a violent sport and only suited to the young, or aged athlete again choosing the "last hooray", again, I'd felt I was far past my prime. I walked into my first day of the MMA building where I'd opted and started to teach and learn. I was as a whole shock as my body and brain tried to reconcile with the type of exercise that individuals, as friends had to accomplish together. Not just was my body doing new issues that I never knew my body could do or was capable to do (different stretching, grappling in numerous positions, and here I'm thinking I knew myself so well it had been my body and I was stunned) and my mind, it had been almost more challenging as I was being pushed and challenged mentally in a way I never envisioned.. As I was actively learning different steps had a need to defeat an opponent (like once you play chess, you should think ahead, it is approximately strategy, about strengths, and also about honesty, know yourself, and also trust your trainer).

After my high grade, I knew I was hooked, it wasn't mindless weight training, or running till I'm skin and bones. The professional MMA fighters and trainers were all in supreme shape, a great mixture of strength, endurance, and mental balance.

Now about battling in the octagon, it is not required by any MMA school that if you start taking classes you will need to ever step into as well as support the "action" in the octagon to try your skills. You can find beginner's classes and children's classes that focus mostly on the "getting in form" and TOTAL balance of mind, body, and spirit aspect of MMA. However, you can find advanced classes and sparring and "live" sessions where you can test all of your MMA, again, without entering the octagon.

Finally, there's entering the octagon. If you have an over whelming desire or ambition of learning to be a Pro MMA fighter, then this is the path you is likely to be taking. I never knew after my high grade, that I'd result in the octagon, but yet here I'm and loving everytime I get to enter the cage. Bas Rutten, a UFC Heavyweight Champion, 3 time winner of the Pancrase world champion, now the retired Dutch MMA fighter is definitely an authority on mixed martial arts, revered and respected he advises a fighter waits at the least four years before their first MMA fight. I believe that is an excellent and sound rule of thumb.

Even though a victory in the octagon has eluded me thus far, the design I'm in, I couldn't be happier with. I'm 5'10, 155lbs, I have muscles which can be functional and serve an objective in grappling, striking and in other activities. I have endurance that is explosive, which will keep my body lean and my muscles defined. I'm 34 years old now and look and feel better than I ever have within my life. Once we age, some folks have gone towards human growth hormones, some plastic surgery. It's higher than a sport; it is a life style, a lifestyle. I say enter shape the MMA way and start today for a fresh body, mind, and outlook on life!

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts