The Secret For Football Kits Revealed

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The Secret For Football Kits Revealed

The entire world of football shirts appears to have gone a little mad in recent times since the entire scam related to supermarkets and cheap prices, but make no mistake about any of it, it's still massive business.

Football is a small business nowadays, most of us know that and the shirts have a massive impact on profits for clubs, so getting things just right with regards to design and sales must rank highly with regards to importance.

Exactly why is after that it, that so many teams have so many awful team football kits? I am talking about event the teams at the top, will all the cash and resource on the planet appear to fall victim with a of the most god awful tops you could ever desire to see.

This year, let's take Chelsea for instance. They've won two Premiership titles and countless other trophies and plaudits over the last three to four seasons and this year they're being paraded round in fluorescent green tops that produce them appear to be traffic wardens.

Is it just the fact that manufacturers think they have to produce designs for football shirts that stand out of the crowd in order to be considered worthy? There is one kit manufacturer who appears to have things down however, and that's Nike.

Regardless of who they're asked to style for, they always seem to come good and they've been doing that same high class job for years now. Arsenal, Celtic and Man Utd are just three teams to take advantage of the grade of their shirt designs in recent times and I'm sure there's a line of others waiting in the wings.

But what're Nike doing that all the other manufacturers aren't? Well, they're keeping it simple. Most real football fans are just people who don't want a restricted fitted pink shirt with a white round neck collar. They desire their teams colours represented in a straightforward manner to allow them to wear the shirt with pride on a Saturday.

Plenty of manufacturers seem to be forgetting this and I really hope dearly that football shirts are shown the attention they deserve in the future.

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